Since our foundation(1970), we have been engaged in the manufacture of joints under the theme of natural resource saving. Our technical development ability is highly evaluated in our industry as seen in our original manufacturing method with the minimized cutting process and its reflection in our production lines.
Industrial machines supporting modern society use numerous joints as important components. Joints are used in various fields ranging from electronics to aircraft, medical instruments, automobiles, industrial machines and construction machines. Along with the improvement of equipment performance, the significance of joints has been drawing attention more and more. Also, with the fast evolution of industrial machines, joints are requested to have more innovative, enhanced functions.
In such social environment, SHIMIZU Manufacturing, as a member of the SHIMIZU group, is working hard to actively deal with environmental challenges, conducting business operations in harmony with nature and life environment and progressing with local communities, aiming at becoming a global enterprise and promoting "manufacturing and development" to fulfill the industrial requirements.


1970 Established SHIMIZU Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1977 Received an order for manufacturing hexagonal hollow pipes (and succeeded in substantial cost reduction).
Started the manufacture of stainless steel hose fittings.
1982 Newly opened Chitose Factory.
Succeeded in the mass production of parts up to 3/4" by using a parts former.
Developed an SK type rotational adapter (swivel joint) and applied for a patent.
1986 Succeeded in the mass production of large sizes (1 - 2") by cold pressing.
Acquired patent for the SK type rotational adapter.
1988 Established Showa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. at Otake Town, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
Started the joint development of a shape-memory material with Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
1993 Established SHIMIZU Manufacturing Shiga Co., Ltd. (Land area: 3,115m2 ) at Nishiazai Town, Ika County, Shiga Prefecture.
1994 Increased the capital to 10,000,000 yen.
1995 Expanded Showa Precision Machinery to the total land area of 8,115m2 and building area of 2,115m2.
1995 Established SHIMIZU Manufacturing Thailand Co., Ltd. (Land area: 2,100m2).
Started licensing of technology to Samwon Tech, Korea.
1996 Developed a large-sized swivel joint.
1998 Developed a hose fitting inserter ST-1.
Applied for a patent for an elbow joint manufacturing method.
1999 Introduced a pressure and impulse tester.
2000 Applied for a patent for an in-furnace brazing method.
2001 Made a capital participation in Samwon Tech.
Expanded Nobeoka factory to the total land area of 5,725m2.
Nobeoka factory acquired the ISO 9001 and 2000 certificates.
2002 Newly opened a new factory at Sanban Town, Atsuta County, Nagoya City (Total area: 1,245m2)
2003 Established SHIMIZU Manufacturing Miyazaki Co., Ltd. at Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture (Total area: 9,033m2).
Applied for a patent for the minimal bending of hollow pipes.
Introduced a continuous hydrogen furnace.
2004 Obtained the patent for the in-furnace brazing method with the work fixed.
Obtained the patent for the clean elbow joint manufacturing method by cold forging.
2005 Added a precision measurement room within Sanbancho Factory.
Expanded SHIMIZU Manufacturing Thailand Co., Ltd to the total land area of 3,350m2.
Took over 100% shares of Hobic Sales Co., Ltd., Hakata.
2006 Applied for a patent for a new deposition method.
Accredited as a grant-aided project by the Management Innovation for Medium and Small Businesses.
2007 ISO 9001 and 2000 certificates.

Installations (Including those in factories in Kyushu and Shiga)

Machining center (Okuma & Howa) Pressure tester
Machining center (Fujie) Pressure, impulse and pressurization tester
CNC lathe LB25 (Okuma) Projector
CNC lathe LCS15 (Okuma) Contour measuring instrument
CNC lathe LB15 (Okuma) Surface tester
CNC lathe (Nakamura-Tome Precision) Three-dimensional CAD
CNC lathe LCS15 with bar feeder (Okuma) Three-dimensional measuring instrument
CNC lathe with bar feeder (Nakamura-Tome Precision) Contamination measuring instrument
CNC special lathe with comb teeth Tapping machine (Brother)
Four-axis punching machine, self-developed and manufactured Welding Robot (Daihen)
Punching machine, self-developed and remodeled Pipe end processing machines (Matsumura)
Screw thread rolling machine (Nissei) Pipe bender (Chiyoda)
Screw thread rolling machine of 3-roller type (Nissei) Hydraulic press machine (Amada)
Hydraulic single-function machine (Fujie, etc.) Continuous electric furnace (Kanto Yakin)
Single-function machine with copying function (Fujie, etc.) Continuous electric furnace (Shoei Burns)
Sawing machine with auto feed and circular saw CNC lathe (KIA)
Sawing machine Machining center (Mitsubishi)
General-purpose lathe - 1.2 to 3.6m in bed lengh CNC lathe X150 (Takamatsu Kikai)
Sheet chamfering machine CNC lathe X150 with bar feeder
Drilling machine CNC lathe LB30 (Okuma)
Tapper Machining center (OKK)
Tool grinder (Iida) Impulse tester, self-developed
Drill grinder (Tanaka) CNC lathe X10 (Takamatsu Kikai)
O-ring inserter Full-automatic washing machine, self-developed
Pneumatic press machine Capacitor welding machine (Kimura Denyoki)
Hydraulic press machine Roundness measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)
Hose assembling machine Torque tester, 5 tons (Attonic)
Nut fastening machine - Up to 65 pcs Machining center VM-5 III (OKK)
Automatic warehouse (Daifuku) Welding robot (Panasonic)

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